FRONTIER1: A Phase 1/2 Dose Escalation Study of a Novel Factor VIIIa Mimetic Bispecific Antibody, Mim8, for Evaluation of Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Efficacy

Pratima Chowdary, M.D., F.R.C.Path.
Royal Free Hospital
London, United Kingdom

Mim8 is a factor IXa/X bispecific antibody with an efficacious hemostatic effect, administered subcutaneously in patients with hemophilia A. Pratima Chowdary, M.D.’s presentation discusses FRONTIER1, which investigates the safety and pharmacokinetics of Mim8 in patients with hemophilia A. A major aim was to identify the dose for subsequent pivotal studies. Pharmacokinetic properties and data to support future clinical trials will be presented. 

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