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The International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis (ISTH) is a global not-for-profit membership organization advancing the understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of thrombotic and bleeding disorders. Click here to learn more about the ISTH.

ISTH 2022 Congress

At ISTH 2022, thousands of the world’s leading experts on thrombosis, hemostasis and vascular biology come together to present the most recent advances, exchange the latest science and discuss the newest clinical applications designed to improve patient care.

Through an extensive lineup of educational sessions, poster and oral communications, state-of-the-art lectures, medical industry exhibits and professional networking opportunities, the Congress promotes important scientific discourse and advancement.

For more information, visit the ISTH 2022 website.

About ISTH 2022 Congress Daily News

The ISTH 2022 Congress Daily News is the official news source for the ISTH 2022 Congress, featuring the most interesting and exciting events and presentations and interviews with leading experts in thrombosis and hemostasis.

Scientific Editors:

Janice Staber, M.D.

Rosana Córdova-Serrano, M.D.
Aaron Iding, M.D.
Mariia Kumskova, M.D.
Joshua Muia, Ph.D.
Sarah Nersesian, M.Sc.
Maha Othman, M.D., Ph.D.
Cynthia Rothschild, M.D.
Michelle Sholzberg, M.D.C.M., M.Sc.
Mara Nuñez Toscano, M.D.
Dianne van der Wal, Ph.D.
Beth Webb


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